बॉलीवुड स्टार के लिए कुछ शर्मिंदा कर देने वाले पल

बॉलीवुड स्टार के लिए कुछ शर्मिंदा कर देने वाले पल
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Rakhi Sawant:

Contention and Indian it young lady Rakhi Sawant go as an inseparable unit. For a special occasion for her motion picture “Plunder” she was gotten by an independent photographic artist in an ungainly minute. Sawant was wearing a short red dress for the night. The picture taker took photos of her sitting on a purple seat flaunting her dark und1es. Sawant who was steamed at these photos turned out and cleared up that she didn’t posture for them, as the picture taker took the photos from an edge lower than where she was situated.

Her first response on seeing her photos flashed everywhere throughout the web: Why this zabardasti ka hungama? Primary toh waise greetings itni hot hoon. Where was the need to accomplish something as frightening as this? (Why make such a scene. I am in any case hot. Where was the need to so something as unpleasant as this?)

For fans, however, it was somewhat hard to trust this shock was originating from somebody who loves to utilize debate as a reputation stunt.

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