11 Surprising Photos Of Bollywood Beauties Without Makeup

11 Surprising Photos Of Bollywood Beauties Without Makeup

With regards to big name photographs individuals for the most part fall into 2 classifications — ones that by and large trust that celebs are impeccable constantly, and ones that trust it’s all cosmetics and, all things considered, celebs look not at all as they do on screen. In all actuality, it’s a touch of both. We arranged a rundown of pictures of popular Bollywood celebs with and without cosmetics, so you can investigate and be the judge.



Here’s a one next to the other examination of Priyanka Chopra with and without cosmetics. What do you think? Does she look very surprising to you or would regardless you have the capacity to effortlessly perceive her? It’s vital to note that the lighting in these two photographs is altogether different, along these lines, for instance her skintone looks somewhat darker.



Shouldn’t something be said about Deepika Padukone? Her face looks more tanned and a way more sparkly in the primary picture, that is valid. Be that as it may, other than that she just resembles the more easygoing adaptation of herself, contrasted with the second photograph.


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