12 Bollywood Divas With The Most Wonderful Bends

12 Bollywood Divas With The Most Wonderful Bends
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Typically the Hollywood on-screen characters are the ones getting the most scope in the media – yet the fiercely famous and exquisite divas of Bollywood are here to give them a keep running for their cash. These caramel goddesses aren’t timid to parade their immaculate bodies, and their well proportioned figures in saris make any lady inconceivably desirous, and any man drop his jaw and dribble. They’re the wide-looked at, voluminous-haired, and shapely ladies of India, and they ought to be on your radar ASAP.

  1. Neha Dhupia

This present cutie’s seething look has set b-town ablaze! Her lively body looks immaculate in this energetic Reebok outfit – solid is hot! No ribs here. This angel won Femina Miss India in 2002, and went ahead to work in different Bollywood movies like “Julie” and “Sheesha”.


  1. Deepika Padukone

Deepika is one of the most generously compensated Indian famous people and has won three Filmfare recompenses. Other than being a performing artist, this darling is a conspicuous big name endorser, and is vocal on issues like woman’s rights and emotional wellness. Her bends are shocking – she needn’t bother with a six pack for folks to dribble over her.


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