9 well known movies which has same story

9 well known movies which has same story
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1 No strings attached and friends with benefits

In both these motion pictures, the heroes deny their fascination for each other and choose to go for a simply sexual relationship (disposing of any sentiment), yet in the long run wind up feeling for each other. Both these movies were discharged around the same time – only seven months separated from each other.


2.White house down and olympus has fallen

In both the movies the white house was in risk of a terrorist assault. While channing tatum had spared the president without any help inside white house in the motion picture “white house down”, gerard butler had spared the white house from a troublesome terrorist assault. Both the folks played a cop.


3.Beauty and the beast and shrek i

In both of these motion pictures the woman goes gaga for a revolting monster. The main distinction is that in magnificence and the monster the brute changes into a great looking ruler, however in shrek i, the woman herself changes into a monstrosity. Both the movies instruct about seeing past appearances and welcoming somebody’s inward qualities.


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