Ayesha Takia, most recent casualty of plastic surgery turned out badly in Bollywood? Performing artist’s photos post

Ayesha Takia, most recent casualty of plastic surgery turned out badly in Bollywood? Performing artist’s photos post
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Salman Khan’s driving woman in Wanted appears to have experienced the blade and her extraordinary change is giving fans restless evenings, not nicy!

Bollywood performing artist Ayesha Takia is back in the news and how! The 30-year-old has stunned her fans with her definitely changed face. Once associated with being a charming and satisfying confronted performing artist, Ayesha Takia in her change has no look at her days of yore’s guiltlessness. Her swelled up lips, puffed cheeks and wide eyes shout of the on-screen character’s experiencing plastic surgery. Furthermore, a bungled up one without a doubt. The stunning pictures of Ayesha Takia going to an occasion have turned into a web sensation and obviously given Twitterati restless evenings, not nicy. In the wake of taking a gander at the photos of 30-year-old, her fans are awfully baffled with their most loved performer turning into another casualty of fizzled plastic surgery. Ayesha Takia, Anushka Sharma, Priyanka Chopra: List of Bollywood performing artists ‘Previously, then after the fact’ plastic surgery pictures are very stunning!

Ayesha Takia was a standout amongst the most encouraging on-screen characters when she made her presentation in 2004. She gave outstanding blockbuster like Wanted inverse Salman Khan, and fundamentally refreshing film like Dor. The performing artist in the wake of wedding Farhan Azmi, child of Samajwadi Party official Abu Azmi in 2009 had a child Mikail in 2013, keeping her far from the motion pictures’ circuit. In any case, that did not prevent Ayesha Takia from remaining off the spotlight. A web-based social networking star in her own particular right, Ayesha stayed in contact with her fans and supporters. In any case, her current change has shocked the lookers past their minds. Ayesha Takia and child Mikhail are a lovable twosome! See pictures.

Jettisoning her blameless face for an iced look, which obviously demonstrates of experiencing the blade, Ayesha Takia has unquestionably been a head turned yet in a flat out negative way. While it is an individual decision of these VIPs to settle on plastic surgery to improve their magnificence, for Ayesha’s situation the choice unquestionably appears to have reverse discharges. Her photos from the occasion have turned into a web sensation since and turn into a hotly debated issue for the humming Twitterati.

1. Ayesha Takia

On the off chance that the talk factories are to be trusted, Ayesha Takia is thinking about of making a rebound in the motion picture industry. The entire new look could be a purpose for the “rebound” as Ayesha is in chats with two creation houses for two tasks. On the off chance that everything goes as indicated by the arrangement, we may see her doing a motion picture, a first after a long break. Starting at now, feel dismal, cry or be stunned over Ayesha Takia’s change. We wager, you can’t unsee these photos.

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