देवो के देव महादेव की पार्वती का बिकनी अवतार

देवो के देव महादेव की पार्वती का बिकनी अवतार

For the greater part of us Sonarika Bhadoria is known less through her genuine name, and more as TV’s delightful Parvati. Her perfect demonstration and wonderful science with co-performing artist Mohit “Shiva” Raina in Devon ke Dev…Mahadev, is still a reference point at whatever point any legendary show is discussed. She played the Goddess for a year and we won’t not be right in saying that she truly gave a face to Parvati in our psyches.

After she cleared out the show she has been working in Telugu movies. She as of late wanted to enjoy a reprieve and went on a shoreline get-away. Sonarika even posted some sizzling pictures clad in a swimming outfit on her Instagram handle. Obviously her conditioned shoreline body was ridiculously hot. We are certain she anticipated that fans would expand and respect her snaps.

It annoyed Sonarika so much that she erased the photo. The 23-year-old on-screen character likewise posted a fitting answer for her haters contrasting the disaster and the West and how it was getting out body disgracing. She said she wasn’t develop enough to handle the feedback subsequently she is removing the photo from her handle.Though we are happy she made a point, the sort of response she got, just demonstrates where we remain in our considerations and why we can’t expel the tag of living in a deceptive society!



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