Driving on the World’s Main 14 Risky Streets

Driving on the World’s Main 14 Risky Streets

There are many streets, roads and highways in the world which are very risky, frightening and while some people consider such roads to be adventurous, it has taken life of many people. Driving on such streets and roads is very risky because of its construction way or few other reasons. These 14 dangerous roads have high death rates.


Himalayan Roads are one of the most dangerous driving roads in the world. These roads are located in India and Tibet and are the deadliest of the world and the reason behind this is that they are built right into the face of highest peaks in the world. Even the view of this road is scary and gives a thought of risk. This road is an adventurous road for many bikers and there are plenty of bikers who have met an accident while riding their bikes on this road, that is why this road is considered to be risky and one should be careful while riding on such roads.



The James Dalton Highway is one of the most famous and incredible highway in the world. This highway is also normally called as “The Dalton Highway “and it is a 414 mile road which is located is Alaska. This road was constructed in 1974 and its length is 666.3 km. The setting of the road is very bleak and isolated and is considered to be one of the most isolated roads in United States. The scenery of this highway is very gorgeous but need to be aware of the battling strong winds flinging small rocks over tour vehicle and it is too cold there. And the amazing fact is that the people who have driven the Dalton Highway have called it “ the ultimate road trip”.


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