Main top 10 smart cell phones for 2016

Main top 10 smart cell phones for 2016

1. iPhone 7 and 7 Plus

Apple’s inescapable yearly iPhone overhaul looks set to take the type of an iPhone 7. It’s been the subject of varyingly all around sourced bits of gossip since the time that the iPhone 6S dispatched in September, and a waterproof body and remote charging backing are two of the all the more continuing whispers. Intel has obviously dedicated 1,000 architects to adjusting its 7360 modem to the following iPhone, which could see the firm supplanting Qualcomm as Apple’s modem supplier.

Maybe most dubiously, Apple is reputed to discard the 3.5mm sound jack on past iPhones, permitting earphones to associate just by means of Lightning or remote. It’s a completely authentic prospect, considering the company’s inclination for exclusive tech, though one that has shoppers stressed over their earpieces all of a sudden getting to be pointless.

We can anticipate that iPhone 7 costs will begin at £539 and go up to £699, as the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6S did, and for it to incorporate another SoC to supplant the iPhone 6S’s A9 chip. The incorporation of iOS 10 on the iPhone 7 would likewise be a certain wager if Apple reports the new OS at the 2016 Worldwide Developer’s Conference as expected.


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