Main top 10 smart cell phones for 2016

Main top 10 smart cell phones for 2016

4. iPhone SE

The iPhone SE might be little, however it’s turned out to be one of Apple’s most effective handsets.

In spite of its smaller than expected casing and small(er) sticker price, Apple has pressed a great deal of snort into the iPhone SE. It gloats a considerable measure of likenesses with the bigger iPhone 6S – for occurrence, you’ll locate the same 64-bit A9 processor and M9 movement coprocessor, it additionally offers the same pixel thickness as the bigger presentation found on the iPhone 6S.

While the 4in screen will be too huge a down-size for some, those in the business sector for a smallish, moderate cell phone, will battle to discover anything better.


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    Wow! Beautiful phone… I hope one day I can have this one. I will buy products from here when I receive my payment in homebasework.

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