Places That Doesn’t Just Exist In Fantasy, But In Reality Too

Places That Doesn’t Just Exist In Fantasy, But In Reality Too
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The places which we see in out textbooks or somewhere else which are incredibly beautiful are not just fantasy. They actually exist in real. These places are so beautiful and magnificent that we actually doubt their existence, but one must definitely visit these amusing places at least once in their lifetime. It will definitely impress you, infact not only you but even your souls. In this world there are many beautiful human or natural creation about which many people aren’t aware but they should be.

Some such creations, places, natural beauty which will win your heart. So hold your breath and get ready to know about some wonderful places and creations.


It is located near the city of Zhangye in China’s north-western Gansy province. It is praised and known for the unusual and unique colour of rocks which are very smooth and sharp. You must have seen its picture in your textbooks and would have assumed this as painting but it is actually in this tiny world. The technicolour actually exist and many artist praise and admire this masterpiece. It is so eye pleasing that this mountain was added in “UNESCO world Heritage site, 2010.



You must have heard about this place many times in several stories, a place that exist in dense forest , there is a cave and there is a huge temple in that cave. Yes, this is not a fiction, it actually exist in Malaysia in Batu Caves. There is a  huge statue of Murugan God which is always surrounded by the troops of monkeys. Batu caves are 400 crore years old and it attracts thousand of tourist and worshippers especially during annual Hindu festival, Thaipusam. Whenever you go to Malaysia, must visit this place.


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