Previous cricketers keep in touch with CoA looking for one-time installment

Previous cricketers keep in touch with CoA looking for one-time installment
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Twelve previous Indian Test cricketers have kept in touch with the BCCI’s Committee of Administrators (CoA) looking for pay for being `indiscriminately’ let well enough alone for the one-time advantage installment made by the Indian cricket load up in 2013. Every one of these cricketers played one to nine Tests in the vicinity of 1970 and 2003.

Vivek Razdan, Robin Singh (jr), Salil Ankola, Subroto Banerjee, TA Sekar, Bharat Arun, Suru Naik, Yograj Singh, Pranab Roy, Gulam Parkar, Rashid Patel and David Johnson have asked the CoA and load up authorities to consider their demand for remuneration, abandoning it to board authorities to choose the pay sum.

The letter from the previous cricketers, while praising BCCI’s choice to dispense Rs 70 crore to 130 previous Test cricketers amid the 2013 IPL last, goes ahead to state, “While the measure for making the over one-time installment was that the cricketers ought to have played Tests before 2003, the last class, i.e. those having played up to 9 Tests, was saved for those cricketers who had played before 1970. In one stroke, cricketers who had played up to 9 Tests in the vicinity of 1970 and 2003 were kept out of the plan, which even to the stripped eye is oppressive.

“A few cricketers who had played ODIs could satisfy the basis since as per another equation, 3 ODIs were esteemed to equivalent one Test and some other were remunerated in the top of the line paradigm classification,” the letter read. “However, there are a few cricketers who have the harsh end of the stick since they played in the vicinity of 1970 and 2003, and furthermore did not play enough ODIs to help them qualify under 10 to 24 Test classification. Fortunately for ladies cricketers, this order has not been demanded.”

The cricketers additionally met acting president CK Khanna as of late and asked for him to talk about the matter in meeting room gatherings. Khanna told TOI: “We will take up this matter in the proper gathering, which is the general body, and settle on it.

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