Real names of some known bollywood personalities

Real names of some known bollywood personalities

Name is an unique identity given to a person after birth which is given according to many reasons such as their cultural practices, heritage, names of parents etc and it plays an important role in the society. Every name have a different meaning, some names are big while some are short. When an actual sense comes in a person and he or she feels that their name isn’t suitable on their personality, or isn’t impressive they prefer to get it changed to make it short and impressive.
There are some personalities of Bollywood industry who changed their names after entering this massive industry because they thought that their original names were either old fashioned, too big or not that impactful. Though we love them so much and consider ourselves as their biggest fans but we might not even know their real names and know them only by their new names.
Here are some such Bollywood stars.

We all know him by the name of Aamir Khan, but di you know that his real name is Mohammed Aamir Hussain Khan. Too big, right ? He shortened his name to make it sound impressive and convenient.


Isn’t his name very attractive just like his personality? But, this is not his real name. His real name was Farhan Abraham John which she preferred to get shorter. John Abraham have a Christian father and Parsi mother and he got John from his father, Farhan from her mother but to make it unique he made it John Abraham which is reverse of his father’s name, Abraham John.


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