Sunny Pawar’s at the Oscars!

Sunny Pawar’s at the Oscars!
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Indian performer Sunny Pawar, who plays the more youthful Saroo in the Oscar-named film Lion, appeared to make the most of his time at the honors appear.

He blended with Hollywood’s top stars and strolled celebrity main street like a professional.

Catching Sunny’s day at the Oscars.

Sunny Pawar puts on his tie for the enormous day of his life.

Sunny stances with Best Actor chosen one Andrew Garfield.

Sunny’s dad Dilip Pawar can be seen behind him.

Is Sunny taking notes of Spider-Man’s cool web-swinging ways?

From Lion to The Lion King.

Have Jimmy Kimmel sanctions a strong scene from the energized film, to much adulation.

Sunny’s Lion co-star Dev Patel applauds him from the sidelines. They, truth be told, made a significant group at the Golden Globes as of late.

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