Will Elsa Be The Primary Lesbian Disney Princess?

Will Elsa Be The Primary Lesbian Disney Princess?
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In case you’re a fanatic of Disney you realize that most Princesses dependably wind up with a Prince.

Rulers come in all shapes and structures, regardless of whether it’s a monstrosity in Shrek, a mammoth in Beauty and the Beast or a frog in Princess and the Frog. At last it’s dependably a glad heteronormative couple. Aside from Brave. In Brave, Merida wound up alone, in light of the fact that she’s a free soul and she wasn’t prepared to get hitched, she needed to get herself and make her own fate as opposed to taking after a convention that is two or three centuries old. That was bizarre and wonderful, would it say it wasn’t? A thought that a young lady may be keen on seeking after an option that is other than hitched in her life.



Indeed, the web believes it’s an ideal opportunity to take things significantly further. Why in this day an age, when gay marriage is turning out to be more prevalent and all the more socially worthy, regardless we don’t have a gay princess?


Many people in the LGBTQ people group identified with Elsa from Frozen. They saw her dealing with her forces and tolerating herself as an allegory for turning out. It was Alexis Isabel Moncada who initially tweeted “I trust Disney makes Elsa a lesbian princess envision how famous that would be” and after that basically began a crusade on Twitter by tweeting @Disney with a #GiveELsaAGirlfriend”.



After that the web essentially went wild, and her tweet was retweeted more than 2000 circumstances, it likewise got 3,5 thousand preferences and the hashtag was slanting on Twitter. That, as well as individuals began tweeting their own particular explanations behind why they believe it’s an extraordinary thought with a #GiveElsaAGirlfriend. The story was gotten by People Magazine, Teen Vogue, Celebuzz, Huffington Post, Us Weekly and even CNN.


Alexis Isabel Moncada was additionally met by MTV clarifying why she made #GiveElsaAGirlfriend and how she needs young ladies to comprehend that a princess can love another princess.

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