“Yes, I am authoritatively on board for Kapil Sharma’s show… Yet I am uncertain of what will occur later on” – Raju Srivastava

“Yes, I am authoritatively on board for Kapil Sharma’s show… Yet I am uncertain of what will occur later on” – Raju Srivastava
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Stand-up entertainer Raju Srivastava has jumped on board with to supplant Sunil Grover on The Kapil Sharma Show. Murmurs Raju, “I don’t care for it when individuals say I’ve supplanted Sunil. I don’t consider any us can supplant each other. We as a whole have our place. Sunil is an old companion, as is Kapil. I was wanting to achieve a compromise between the two. I called up Sunil various circumstances. He said he was away and would hit me up when he returned.”

Raju feels the occurrence that occurred in mid-air leaves an intense taste in the mouth. “I truly don’t recognize what happened. Be that as it may, when individuals catch wind of their most loved comic on-screen character getting plastered, making trouble … the wrong flag is conveyed. Individuals lose confidence in the energy of comic drama to recuperate and bring bliss.”

Raju feels a show like The Kapil Sharma Show ought not be played with. “It’s a major obligation, and you can’t disregard your duty. At the point when a comic or a satire indicate does well, the whole comic clique benefits. At the point when Salman Khan charges Rs 50 crores at exactly that point can Ajay Devgn charge Rs 20 crores. Be that as it may, if Salman charges 20, what might Ajay get?”

Raju feels the happenings in the satire world have a snowballing impact. “It resembles we are altogether associated. Also, we as a whole have our place. At the point when Kapil requesting that I go along with him I thought about whether it was all in all correct to do as such. All I needed to do was to realize a fix up amongst Kapil and Sunil. Presently I wind up in the show. I can’t state what will occur later on.”

So far Raju has recorded for three scenes of The Kapil Sharma Show . “What’s more, it’s been a great deal of fun. Kapil has dependably been warm and considerate with me. Whatever occurred with Sunil and the others ought not have happened. I accept there were two other comparative occurrences already. Iss baar thoda zyada ho gaya.”

Raju feels he is in a dubious circumstance. “Sunil and others are not going to the show. Indeed, even Sidhuji is thinking that its difficult to keep up his timetables on the show. In any case, we’ll figure something out.”

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